The adventures of an incurable optimist...

I am still not sure where I really want to go with this whole blog thing, so I plan on just wingin it for a while til I find my niche...here it goes...

Ok, so maybe I did borrow that title from a Michael J. Fox book, but it can be applied to my life, too. If ever I was going to shift gears and turn into a pessimist or a realist (a pessimist in denial, as I see them...), it would have long since been done. I just can't find it in myself to conform to the rest of the world on this one.

Much like the wonderful John Conlee, I choose to see the world through my rose colored glasses...because they show only the beauty. Mr. Conlee was mainly referring to a broken relationship but I am taking his song to the next level and applying it to life in general. This thought occurred to me while reading the most recent issue of ESPN the Magazine. In it was an article about "Neon" Deion Sanders (the infamously arrogant football/baseball player) and the charity work that he does now that he is done playing. Many (maybe even "most") people question the intentions behind Sanders' giving and helping because of the way he carried himself when he was still in the game. This includes the author who kept finding himself perplexed about the whole situation and couldn't decide on which side of the fence he was.

I can't/won't allow myself to get to that point. I will give any and everyone a second, third, and fourth chances...heck, all the way to 70x7 chances if need be. It may be true that I am just trying my best to hold on to the innocence of my childhood, but I'll take that over cynicism anyday. Yes, I am skeptical of many things at first glance but, as soon as I get close to being cynical about stuff, I look at these 3 PRECIOUS nephews of mine and re-realize that all is right in the world...no matter what you say....

Benjamin-7 months old-the youngest of the 3

Cale-cousin to and 15 days Ben's senior

Jude- brother to and 2 years Cale's senior

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  1. Loved this post! You are a natural blogger and a good man (I wanted to say "good boy," which reminds me: I was talking to someone about you today, and she asked me how old you were. I told her 19. And then I was like, "Oh, wait. He's almost 22. Oops.").