This week the trend

I have recently re-discovered my deep love of writing. And I know what you're thinking already. I realize that I didn't blog for about 3 weeks straight BUT that's because I have had to do "real" writing lately. Writing that is actually useful. Not that this blog is useless. It's just that I often find myself writing in circles on here (see above for proof)...

Because I am fairly certain that only about 3 people read this thing (including me), I have decided it would be pointless to give a daily recap of my not-so-interesting life (also because all 3 of those people pretty much know exactly where I am at all times). So, to give a resolution to the first post I ever made, I have decided to make this kind of my journal of thoughts-but in a more manly, macho kind of way, of course.

Anywho, my love of writing has resurfaced, as I said before. I have found myself really wanting to write a book. But the only kind of book I can think of writing would be fiction. But I don't even like to read fiction books myself. This is quite the conundrum. I am afraid that if I don't get started on this book soon, I will just keep posting really pointless blogs like this one. If that happens, my reader list will probably deteriorate further. So here's hoping to discovering a book idea so neither of you leave me...

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  1. You should start with a children's book. I would read it to Ben. And if you put a giant picture of an animal on every page, he would even like it! I'm glad you want to write more -- you're good at it! And I have a degree (you have one of those, too!!) that makes me qualified to tell you that.

    And to Clay's other reader: HEY!