Remember that time we went to Haiti?

It’s been about a month and a half since we came back from Haiti and I am just now getting around to putting the video together. It has been a wild month and a half to say the least.

I also neglected to post a summary of our last day in Haiti (I have taken much grief for this). So we’ll start there with a quick recap of the last day.

As you may remember, we had just about run the island out of materials so our productivity dropped considerably. We were able to track down enough material to build a more permanent and more functional dining hall for Roody’s camp. He made a more long-term commitment while we were there and was really in need of a better dining arrangement for future groups. So, while half of us build that, the other half of the group decided they would go put the last 4 pieces of plywood up on a house that needed to be finished. Four hours later, they pull back into the camp and had to shake the sand out of their boots from their excursion to the beach that they decided was too tempting to pass up. Funny how that worked out so well for them. The afternoon was mostly just a time to tie up any loose ends and clean up the camp a little bit. We got the supply containers back in order and re-gathered all of the tools. That evening was the culmination of everything we had done that week.

We were told to be back down to the community around 5 (I think) to have a dedication service for the new community center. So we all got as dressed up as we could and headed down a little bit early- not an event that we could show up fashionably late for. At the start of the service, there were only about 25 people in the congregation. This was, needless to say, a little disappointing to me as I assumed the entire community would be there. Then, slowly but surely, more and more people began to trickle in. Admittedly, I was a little distracted for most of the service because my buddy Adlere showed up and came and sat in my lap the whole time. By the time everyone showed up, I would guess there were about 80 people there maybe. The music minister (I can only guess that is what he was really) led us in a few songs before Roody and dad shared a little word about the church and our group. Still as I sit here and think about the service, I get chills all over. It was a truly powerful experience and one that I will always cherish. After the service ended, we got a chance to just play with the kids and fellowship with everyone (there was no food involved so it wasn’t a true Baptist get together, though). It was fun to actually have some time to stop and interact with them and not have to worry about getting a house finished or anything.

The entire week was incredible and I don’t go a day without thinking about some part of it. Some of the memories bring a smile to my face while others bring a tear to my eye. I have often found myself wondering what, exactly, the trip meant to me or how it affected me. And the more I think about it, the more I can appreciate the week as a time of healing and renewed hope in my own life. Being my first overseas mission trip, it was more eye opening than I imagined it could be. The impact it made on me and my heart is absolutely unbelievable. The journey came at a time when I desperately needed it and there was no coincidence about it, I know. God had it laid out and planned out long before any of us knew that we would be making the trip together that week.

Since returning, God has not quit teaching and chipping away at my stubbornness. As a result of that trip, I have fully realized that running from God never works very well. Over the past month or so, I have been completing an application to attend New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Through countless hours of prayer and many conversations with people far more educated and spiritual than myself, I truly feel like that is exactly where God wants me to be starting this August. At this point, I am just waiting to hear back from NOBTS to know for sure if I get in and ironing out any wrinkles that I may encounter along the way. I am more eager about this new adventure than any other event I can remember. I will be studying Missiology in hopes of continuing my overseas journeys. Any and all prayer support is definitely welcomed and I appreciate all that I have been receiving along the way already. This would not be as exciting if it weren’t for the support of my family and friends.

Ok, so now it is finally time to post the video. Hope you enjoy. Thanks from the whole team for being a part of this awesome journey. We could not have done it without everyone’s support back home.


  1. Clay, I know that we only just met during the Haiti trip but I just wanted to say that I am really grateful to God for allowing me to be a part of it, and for giving me the opportunity to get to know you and Ted. I know that your mom and dad are extremely proud of both of you and I feel blessed to have gotten to serve with you. Congratulations on your decision to follow God's direction in your life and I will pray for you daily.

  2. SO very proud of you, little brother! (And I love the video - nice job!)

  3. Wow, you guys did amazing things in Hati! It is so neat to see you and your brother and dad working together to do this. I bet you will never forget it.

    Stephanie Wiginton (if you dont' remember me, I am Daniel's sister in law. The one with the twin girls)