Well, look what the cat drug in...

So...my posts have been few and far between here lately. I'm trying to be more consistent, though, I promise. And this should help me with that...

Yes, that is my new toy that I have become quite fond of in the 4 days I have had her so far. She does not have a name yet but that is being worked on. My laptop has moved on to laptop heaven (at least I think it went that route...) a while back and I have been mowing yards again the past several weeks, so it has been increasingly difficult to actually get on here and blog. And, as you see here, Gentry has moved to town.

There, that's three legitimate excuses to explain my lack of posts lately. But I'm back now and hopefully for the long haul.

I really just wanted to post a picture of my new computer but I felt like I needed some additional words to go with it.

See ya soon.


  1. I'm so glad you neglected your blog for me!
    P.S. I think her name should be Sandy

  2. Name her Micah because she's beautiful and makes your life better.