Too soon?

So, the timing of this video is, admittedly, poor but I'm hoping that the humor behind it shines brighter than the sadness.

This is my little way of sending Josh off with a bang. He has hopefully landed safely in Sydney by now and is maybe even into his apartment. I think it is the middle of the afternoon tomorrow where he is but I'm not totally sure on that one. Anywho, Josh is famous for making really goofy/funny videos for any reason at all, so I am taking this opportunity to make one for him. It is my first excursion with iMovie so I will surely get better with time. Because I am by no means an editing expert yet. Sorry bout that...

I really just wanted to make a stupid and funny video but I found myself getting sad as I played with the video. If you're unaware, our friend Josh (the one from the video...) has moved to Australia for a year. That's kind of a long way away. He's going to the Hillsong college so he should stay busy enough to not think about home a whole lot. But he definitely appreciates any extra prayers you send his way. Oh yeah...you should check his blog out too.

That's really all I've got for now. I (sorta) started the video blogging, so now maybe this little fad will grow from here.

This could be interesting...

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