Life as I know it

This is going to sound like a complaint but I promise that it is the furthest thing from a complaint...my life has become very busy lately.

I always thought that when I got a big boy job that things would open up and I would have so much time to just relax and enjoy life. Come to find out, I just like to fill my time with stuff. Very little of it is of great importance, but it is stuff at that. For instance:

I got a dog. His name is Bandit. Yes, I named him after the intramural franchise I played for. He was quite the handful for a few weeks but we are learning how to live with each other and he is slowly less of a pain in my butt. He is still a puppy so he does still get into trouble, but he can't help that. No matter how hard I try. He's getting there though.

Back to this job thing. I work at the coolest place in the world and do probably the least cool thing in the world. It's a give and take. I work at Heifer International's international headquarters here in little ole Little Rock. Why it's here: I have no idea. That's the cool part. The not so cool part is that I work in the call center. And really, the only bad thing about that is that people always have a negative impression towards that idea. Like I wasted 4 years of my life or something. I don't let myself see it that way. That would make getting up in the morning impossible. It truly is an unbelievably rewarding job. I get to talk to people who are excited about helping people all day, everyday. The people who are not so happy when they call in: I get to make them happy in the short amount of time I get to speak with them. I get to improve people's day. Even if that just means letting them vent their frustrations to me for a few minutes. I've been getting griped at for 22 years. Now I get paid to do it. It's not always happy go lucky there, but I can't imagine it being that way anywhere. Not even if you worked for Ellen or Oprah.

So, between Bandit and Heifer plus softball and trying to avoid getting fat, I am usually pretty worn out by the time bedtime arrives. That is definitely the case tonight. Maybe I'll start doing this more regularly than I've been doing it. Only time will tell...

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  1. On behalf of Ben, I would like to request more pictures of Bandit. This will do for now, though. Glad you're blogging again :)