Kids grow up so fast

I would like to apologize to my favorite sister and nephew before I go any further with this post. There will be pictures and videos of Jude and Cale shortly. And I will refer to them as "cute" or "precious" or any other similar adjective. This, in no way, implies that Ben is not cute, precious, or any other similar adjective. I just do not get to take pictures or videos of him doing all of these fun things. So please do not hate me. However, if you would like to see pictures and videos of Ben, check out how cute and precious he is here.

Now that we've got that out of the way...this post is dedicated to the nephews. Apparently I am going to have to keep the cyber world up to date on Jude and Cale's growth because his parents barely know how to turn on a computer and if his Nana is at the computer for too long, her "tennis" elbow starts to flare up on her. Good thing they've got their uncle Bob here to save the day. The poor kids are just so neglected.

We'll start off with the less impressive of the two impressive videos...keep in mind that he has yet to turn one. He's still zero.

I don't think those were his first steps, but they were the first ones that I've seen him take with no assistance. However, I don't think anyone would be surprised if he waited to see me to take his first steps. We all know that I am Cale's favorite. In fact, it is not very much of a contest. I have no idea why that kid loves me so much, but you will never catch me complaining about it.

Now for some random pictures...

Jude was my wake up call the other morning and was nice enough to pose for a picture.

This is the boys' (all three, Micah) new pool. You can't tell in this picture, but it is a helicopter with a built in water gun, among other features.

This is Grandad's swing set. Jude approves.

Grandad also built a new sand box under the swing set in the back yard. Jude approves.

I could keep going going, but I think that is enough cuteness, preciousness, and a bunch of other "ness-es" for now.